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Commissions and Bonuses


Viewing Your Commissions

Login to your GVO members area and click the 'Your Commissions' link that you'll find in the "Your GVO Business" section of the left hand menu in your members area.

From the commissions area there are many way to view the information. When you are first getting started the easiest option is to click the 'Residual Commissions' tab at the top of the page and select 'all' from the dropdown menu then click 'View' to fetch the details of all sales.

Please Note: If a Paid Affiliate is in their 7 Day Trial period for $1 then no commissions will be visible until after they upgrade on Day 8.

Detailed explanation of how commissions and Bonuses are calculated

For the purpose of commission calculations in GVO a processing week is:

00:00:00 Tuesday to 23:59:59 Monday

Let's look at an example week of Tuesday 6th November to Monday 12th November.

Any person who signs up during this period will be calculated on November 20th. It doesn't matter if the person signed up for the $1 trial or the $9.97 or any other package that may be available. Calculation starts from the moment a person joins GVO.

Real World Example:

Imagine you refer 5 people between Tuesday 6th and Monday 12th November.

3 of these people joined with the $1 trial and 2 paid for a whole year in advance.

You have made 5 sales in this processing week but 3 are currently 'trial period' unconfirmed sales.

During the course of the following week (Tuesday 13th to Monday 19th November) these 3 trial accounts will automatically bill at the end of their 7 day trial and become qualified accounts, so by close of business on Monday 19th November at 23:59:59 you will have 5 confirmed sales for the processing week Tuesday 6th to Monday 12th November.

When  commissions are calculated after 00:00:00 on Tuesday 20th November your 5 confirmed sales from Tuesday 6th to 2th November will trigger the $100 bonus payment which will then be visible in your GVO admin area under the 'Weekly Confirmed' tab in the left hand menu and also under > Your Commissions > Weekly Bonus 

In the 'Your Commissions' area you'll also find tabs reporting the various additional bonuses that you can earn with GVO.

Top Tip: You can easily check how you are doing in any given week or month by checking the Leader Boards in the left hand menu. For example, if you have referred 5 or more in the current processing week then you will be on the leaderboard in the section 'Weekly Potential' these sales will move from 'Weekly Potential' to 'Weekly Confirmed' as decribed above.

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