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Paid Affiliates, Trial Affiliates and Profit Positions in GVO? - What's that all about?


When you refer a person to GVO you'll see them listed in your Downline Tree.

To access this click the 'Your Downline ' link that you'll find in the "Your GVO Business" section of the left hand menu in your members area.

When a referral appears in your downline tree they will have one of the following statuses. 

1. Paid Affiliate

This person has paid either for the $1 trial or for the monthly or annual options.

Please Note: If a Paid Affiliate has only purchased the 7 Day Trial for $1 then no commissions will be visible until after they upgrade on Day 8.

2. Trial Affiliate

From time to time GVO run promotions where people can take a 7 Day Trial for free. When this happens those people will show as 'Trial Affiliates' until they upgrade.

3. Your Profit Position

In GVO you can earn Profit Positions within your own downline. You are eligible for a profit position for every 14 people you personally refer to GVO. When you place a profit position in your own downline it will show in this light blue avatar.

4. Profit Position

When a person in your upline or downline places one of their profit positions into your downline tree those profit positions will show as a dark blue avatar. 

Personal Referrals

When a person in your downline tree was personally sponsored by you, then they are easiliy identifiable with a red line beneath the appropriate avatar as shown in this example below.

For more information on Profit Positions Click Here  (opens in new window)


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