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How do I add a Banner using HTML to my website?


This article explains how to add a banner using HTML to a website. If you are using a wordpress blog please read the Using Wordpress note at the bottom of this article.

Banners are available in the left hand menu on This Page (opens in new window)

For this demonstration I will use the top banner on This Page (opens in new window)

You'll see the link to that banner is...

In order to make that display on a webpage as a banner you will need to enter this html code

<a href=""><img src="" width=120 height=240></a>

Replace the URL in orange with YOUR custom 5DayFortune Link

Replace the URL in yellow with the link to the banner you wish to use

Set the dimensions shown in blue to match the banner you are using

You will then see this banner on your website which when clicked will direct people to your 5DayFortune custom URL


Using Wordpress?

If you are using wordpress then you can ignore the above and simply download the banner you wish to use to your computer, then use the wordpress "Add Media" button from any page on your blog and set the link of that to your custom 5DayFortune URL

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