PTC Swipe Copy

Below you will find swipe copy that you can use in PTC site advertising. You’ll need to use your own custom 5DayFortune link when placing these ads.

The important thing to remember about PTC sites is that people are on those sites to click ads. In other words it doesnt really matter what you say. They are going to click your ads anyway. The conversion comes from the power of the landing page that they will be directed to. Many people on PTC sites will enter their name and email and watch the 5 Day Fortune presentation and some of them will join.

Copy 1

Title: Earn a Fortune in 5 Days!

Learn how by using this free system you can be earning $9,765.00 per month from home!

Copy 2

Title: The money is in the list!

I’ve heard it a million times, I always knew it was true but could never build a list UNTIL NOW

Copy 3

Title: A Decision in a heartbeat!

When I saw this free system I made my decision to join in a heartbeat… see how long you need..

Copy 4

Subject Line: Stop Clicking on the ads!

No Hype – No B/S this is the last ad you ever need to click!

Copy 5

Subject Line: Tilt the Planet!

The Internet has levelled the playing field now it’s time to tilt it (and the money) in your direction