Advertising for Free

Share the custom link that you created in Step 2 with as many people as possible and the 5DayFortune system tracks referrals to YOUR business and builds YOUR list.

5DayFortune is a completely automatic sales and presentation follow up system. So the only thing you need to do is get the link seen by as many people as possible and the system does the rest.


Simply copy your custom link to your clipboard and paste it as a status update. You’ll see that facebook will pull a selection of custom banner thumbnails from the 5DayFortune system, just select one you like, amend the text in the status bar and post. It’s a great way to share the opportunity with your friends.


Compose a short tweet, paste in your custom link (make sure to shorten it first) and tweet often!


Skype is a great place to find new business opportunity seekers. It’s easy to find new connections too, all you need to do is go to google and search for the following exactly as you see it here with the quotation marks…

“skype id” network marketer

You’ll see the skype ID’s of over 1,000,000 people with ‘network marketer’ in their profile just waiting for you to connect with them.


In the menu on the left I’ve made a selection of recommendations for safelists. Each one of these allows you to join and advertise for free. The way this works is that if you join a safelist as a paid member you are able to send a large amount of emails to the safelist membership on a regular basis, for example as a paid member you may be able to send 8,000 emails every 3 days, as a free member you’d be able to send 1,000 every 3 days.

Secret to Success

The secret to success is simple. Once you start don’t stop and never quit. The biggest mistake people make is quitting too soon. If you joined one of the safelists that I suggest as a free member and every 3 days sent 1,000 emails for a total of 10,000 emails sent and nobody joined your business would you quit? Well you sure as heck shouldn’t because you can keep sending those free emails forever. Do it for a year for example and you’d have sent over 120,000 emails so sooner or later you will find a few people who do what you do and it will change your life. Make sure to read the article Understanding List Building in the menu on the left for a better understanding.